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Manufacturers, exporters and wholesalers of Loofah products in Egypt. We wholesale Loofah products in several categories: Loofah  Sponges for bath and shower - Loofah Bath and Spa Slippers and Flip Flops - Terry Bath and Spa Slippers and Flip Flops - Loofah Raw, Loofah material in bulk (Whole Loofah, Loofah Sections, Ground Loofah & Loofah Core) - Loofah Soap Dishes - Loofah Soap Baskets - Luffa Bath Mats - Loofah Pet Products - Loofah items for horticulture & vertical gardening.

We also cater for special orders.


Egyptian Loofah is the only skin friendly variety of Loofah.

We accept large as well as small orders.

World wide shipping - Several options for shipping and payment - We guarantee our products. No matter where you are, carrying our products is as easy as getting it from across the corner.

However you spell it: Loofah, Loofah Sponge, Luffa, Luffa Sponge, Loofahs, Loufa Loufa Sponge, or Loufas, you came to the right place.


Our Loofah Products Catalog includes the following categories:


Loofah Bath & Shower

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Shower Champ Loofah Shower Champ Loofah Shower Champ Loofah Shower Champ Loofah Shower Champ Loofah Shower Champ Loofah

Our Loofah Bath & Shower category includes the following product lines:

Handy Loofah Pads -  Loofah Bath Puffs and Flower Imitations - Loofah Bath Mitts and Gloves - Loofah Facial Pads - Loofah Back Scrubbers - Loofah Bath Brush - Loofah Soap Pockets.


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  • What is Luffa Loofah and the differences between it's different species, growing Luffa / Loofah and much more.

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  • Some of the most common questions we receive from our customers and their answers.

Loofah & Terry Bath Spa Slippers & Flip Flops

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Loofah Spa Slippers & Flip Flops

Our Loofah Spa Slippers and Flip Flops category includes:

Closed Front Slippers - Open Front Slippers - Wide range of Flip Flops.

All products are with Loofah in-soles and anti-slippery rubber soles.

Available in all sizes.


Terry Spa Slippers & Flip Flops

Our Terry Spa Slippers and Flip Flops feature:

We offer the same collection of our Loofah Spa Slippers and Flip Flops as all Terry versions offering an economical alternative as Spa & hotel amenities.

Made from rich Terry, our Terry Spa Slippers & Flip Flops feel and look super comfortable.


Loofah Raw Material

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We offer a comprehensive range of Loofah Raw Material in bulk covering all soap making and cosmetic industrial needs, including:

Whole Loofah - Whole Loofah Sections - Ground Loofah - Opened and Flattened Loofah - Loofah Core.

Whole raw Loofah and Loofah Sections are offered washed, seed free and un-bleached, unless otherwise required.

Ground Loofah is offered in bulk in several particle sizes.

Our Egyptian Loofah raw material is not treated by any chemicals. When we say it is natural, we literally mean it.


Pumice Products


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Our Pumice collection includes:

Black Pumice stones, plain or with hanging ropes.

Pharaonic pottery pumice, individually handmade from burned clay.

White plain mineral Pumice stones.

Loofah Pumice, made from Loofah Pulp.


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Loofah & Jute Bags & Hats


Loofah and Jute Bags and Totes

A new collection of Loofah and natural Jute beach, pool, spa bags and totes.


Loofah Mats & Planters


Loofah Table & Bath Floor Mats

Loofah Planters


This product category includes the following:

Loofah Bath Mats.

Loofah Table Mats.

Loofah planters for indoor / outdoor plants and vertical gardening. Beside being 100% biodegradable and their natural look, our Loofah planters proved to have great irrigation and soil aeration advantages.


Loofah Pet Products


Loofah Pet Products

Our Loofah Pet products category includes:

Natural Loofah Pet Brushes - Boxes and toys for birds and small pets.

All 100% natural, pet safe and biodegradable.


Loofah Basketry


Loofah Baskets & Soap Dishes

Our Loofah Basketry category includes a collection of all Loofah Baskets, suitable as gift and soap baskets and Soap Dishes.


Wholesale Aromatherapy and Soap Supplies


We offer, through our sister site a variety of carrier and essential oils, herbs and botanicals and ground botanicals.

Our oils are all cold process extracted.

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How to buy from us


Buying from us is as easy as buying from across the corner.

1- Send us the items and quantities you want a quotation for, using the inquiry forms inside our Products Catalog *Password Required*.

2- We will send you a quotation with shipping and payment details. We have several shipping, one will suit you.

3- Confirm your order.

4- Your order is shipped.


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